Panasonic Business Communication Systems: Find the best-fitting solutions for your business needs.

1. Healthcare : Immediate Response by Seamless Connection

In the field of medicine, communication methods must provide safe, immediate response under all conditions. 

Naturally, this includes phones that can be carried by doctors anywhere they go, and connection to video devices for flexible communication between doctor and patient.

2. Retail Stores : Safety Monitoring and Communication Devices

Stores providing various types of businesses and services require a wide variety of communication measures. Panasonic Biz Com Solutions provide this, beginning with convenient system configuration.

3. Warehouses/Logistics : Tough Device Fits Any Work Environment

Businesses in warehouses or logistics facilities need mobility and speed. Panasonic can offer a full line-up of devices and applications that fit each employee's work environment for smoother communication.

Speedy communication is one of the most important factors in these industries. By connecting employees with audio and video, you can maximize the business output.

4. Hotels : Simple Built-in Hotel Features and Various Devices

Hotels with a large number of rooms and many guests need the technical capability to smoothly connect telephone extensions in order to transmit necessary information to all guests.

5. Call Centres : Achieve More Efficient, More Flexible Call Center Operation

Panasonic can offer you a full-line up of call centre solutions from small size to enterprise solutions.

The main unit has built-in call centre features to maximize the output.

Application partner programs are also available for customizing the features for enterprise solutions.

6. Schools : Communication and Monitoring with One System

Smooth communication and monitoring systems are essential for helping students to grow up safely. Panasonic Biz Com Solutions include both wireless telephones and interconnected network cameras.

7. General Offices : Choose Your Workplace Flexibly and Connect Anytime

For those who work remotely, such as people who work in home offices, communication tasks and costs must be minimized. The Panasonic PBX makes it possible to remotely control servers in the main office. This allows staff in distant locations to communicate over telephone extensions.


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