Extra Low Voltage

we provide turnkey/end-to-end telecom and low current Systems Integration solutions. Our IT/LC solutions fall under four main technology towers. Our expertise and specialization have been developed and focused on delivering such solutions with complete integration based on industry best practices.

Two types of turnkey solution.

  • Integrated Solutions.
  • Brand Independent.
  1. Safety & Security
  2. Building Management & Facilities Automation
  3. IT Networks & Communication Solutions
  4. Audio / Video Automation
  1. Safety & Security:
ØAccess Control and Biometric Systems (ACS)
ØClosed circuit television systems (CCTV)
ØPerimeter Security & Intrusion Detection systems (ID)
ØFire Alarm & Public Address Evacuation Systems Nurse Call System (FA/PAVE)
ØAccess Control & Door Monitor
ØIntrusion Detection and Prevention
ØFire Alarm Detection Systems
ØSmoke Management Systems
ØPublic Addresses & Evacuation Systems
ØClosed circuit television systems & Video Analytic
ØLicense Plate Recognition Systems (LPR)
ØParking Management Systems (Arm Barriers, Ticketing Machine, Road Blockers)
ØSecurity Scanning Systems (Luggage's Scanners, Explosion & Hand Held Detection Systems, Under Vehicles Scanning System/UVSS)

2.Building Management & Facilities Automation:

ØBuilding Automation & HVAC Control System
ØGuest Rooms Management System
ØMetering Solutions (Water, gas, electricity energy)
ØNurse Call System
ØLight Control System
ØRoom Management & Residential Systems
ØHotel Guest Room Management Systems
ØMaster Clock Systems
ØCar Parking Systems
ØEnergy Metering and Billing Systems
ØCommunication and Integration Protocols

3.IT Networks & Communication Solutions:

ØHorizontal Structured Cabling System (UTP, Cat 6, Cat 6a, ..
ØVertical & Infrastructure Fiber Structure Cables Systems
Ø(Multi Mode, Single Mode, Internal, External, Metropolitan Fiber Cable Systems)
ØTelecom Infrastructure ( Switches, GPON)
ØWireless LANS ( WIFI)
ØDisaster Recovery Centers
ØNetwork Security (Firewalls, Detection Systems)
ØIP Telephony and Voice Systems
4.Audio / Video Automation:
ØAudio & Video Systems
ØIPTV Prodcasting System
ØDigital Signage System
ØPublic Announcement and BGM
ØHome Theaters and Private Cinemas
ØConference Centers Automation
ØProfessional AV and Meeting Room Automation
ØNetwork SMTV over Fiber & Coaxial Cabling